Friday, June 19, 2009

Because we needed to be punished

Yesterday I decided was the day to put Jocelyn’s crib in our room. She’s getting wigglier and I am afraid if she starts rolling in her travel bassinet that it will tip. Poor Bo had the job of rearranging our room, dismantling the crib AGAIN and putting it into our room.

Then begin the night of refusal. I nursed her to sleep on the couch as usual; she sleeps better that way. Bo put her in the crib and within seconds the crying began. She’s normally asleep by 8:30 or 9, we fought with her until 11:30 last night to stay asleep in the crib. She slept long enough for us to get comfy under the covers, before she let us know how unhappy she was with her new bed. I fought with her until 4 am to stay asleep. At which time I gave up, put her in bed with me, popped out a boob and went to sleep. During it all, Bo was semi conscious, and getting him to do what I needed was like pulling teeth so I let him sleep.

I would think that the crib would be far more comfy than the rock hard travel bassinet. Apparently she doesn’t care to sleep on a comfy mattress or on cute, floral pink and green sheets. It seems my daughter has inherited my ability to argue and not be afraid to say what’s on her mind. Damnit three times.

Warning Miss Jocelyn, Mama doesn’t back down. Mama will win this fight.

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