Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to normal...damn

Bo returned to work today. To say I’m sad is putting it mildly. I do better with him around. I feel better. I have energy. I want to do things. When he’s at work, all I want to do is be still and focus on anything I can to keep my brain occupied until he comes home. He’s my calm, my rock, my sanity, my everything and when he’s not next to me, I feel like an empty shell. The liberal girly side of me is screaming what the crap, your whole all on your own, but it’s not completely true. He gets me he gets my weirdness and my odd ways. He understands me more than I understand myself half the time. In all my weirdness, I need him to help me deal with me. But I digress.

On our mini vacation we did nothing. Literally. And it was wonderful. He needed a couple of days of nothing and we made sure that he got it. We left the munchkins with his mom on Saturday and went and watched a movie. Other than that it was family time, fun time, relaxation. Yes at home. For the hermit in me it was wonderful. I do wish we’d gone to the zoo or something outside of the house but maybe another time. I think, even though the kids and I are home all day almost everyday, we all needed some us time at home. If only the Xbox hadn’t bit the dust, then it could have been even more fun.

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