Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Screw up #3737493…to the umpteenth power

Yesterday I decided Jocelyn needs some spice in her food. It’s about time she tasted some extra flavors. I meant to put a sprinkle of cinnamon on her breakfast and ended up putting more of a teaspoon or so. I scooped out as much as I could without emptying her breakfast and starting over. I decided to feed her only a portion of it and see how it goes.

It was not pretty. Oh she loved the flavor alright, but within 30 minutes she was cranky. Not just a little whine or two, crying over a drop of a hat. I changed my position, enter crying. She didn’t want to play with her toy, crying, so I took it away, extra crying, I give it back, scream. No matter what I did she ended up crying within a few moments. The only thing that seemed to make her feel better was alas nursing. I have no problem being her human paci, I mean that’s what the boobs were made for after all, but lying down on the couch with a blanket and my nice fluffy pillow, it makes me sleepy. Having little sleep on top of that it’s a wonder I stayed awake yesterday. By 7pm last night I was fighting to stay awake. Between the constant lying down with her and the lack of sleep, I was exhausted.

But her crankiness didn’t stop there. Oh no, we’re not that lucky. She couldn’t sleep last night thanks to my experiment. Wednesday’s Bo has breakfast board meetings so I tried with what little stamina I had to handle it myself. I tried having her sleep with me, but neither of us really slept. I tried nursing; I tried walking and eventually just laid her down in her crib. Bo took over and got her to sleep for me. I slept from 4:30 until 7:00, before then it was dozing off and on because I couldn’t help it. Lovely beauty rest huh.

So today, and tomorrow and well for the next few weeks, NO FREAKING CINNAMON.

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