Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy days

I've been working on some HTML for my family website and I have to say its helping me distract myself from all the holiday mumbo jumbo, as well as every day life stuff.  It's either the work or I'm playing a game to give my mind a break.  And the bad news?  I can't remember a damn thing I've learned.  How normal for me.

I want to get the family website up and running by the first, keep your fingers crossed we can.  Bo has a lot of work to do on it and to show me things so I know how to as well.  I'm so excited to do this. 

As for Bottled Nonsense I haven't been the greatest at updating it.  I do apologize for that.  I'm hoping that now I've semi got things running smoothly around here, I can keep up with it as well as the new website once its finished.  Again, keep your fingers crossed that I can keep my crap together and keep things updated.  I hate that I've gotten so far behind.  Bad Nikki, no soup for you.

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