Friday, August 06, 2010

Saddle up my horse!

I'm 3/4 country is that possible you may wonder well it's simple.  I was born and raised in a small farming town.  We had a blueberry farm for most of my childhood and when I got to highschool, we started raising steers to butcher for our own meat.  I LOVE cowboy boots and find them very comfy, and cowboys with their cowboy hats and big belt buckles, ah so tasty if they are an authentic cowboy and not city boy wannabe's.  I LOVE the smell of a hay barn, milk barn and everything farm related...minus hog pens and chicken houses, ick.  I'd much rather sit on a back porch that over looks a farm any day over crowded city views.  I love horses, even though I'm slightly afraid of them.  There's nothing like the sound of horse hooves on the ground, nor the sight of a herd of horses running down a field.   But that is where it stops, because I'm not an outdoors kinda girl, although I love the scenery, I'd much rather be inside in the a/c reading my book or playing on my laptop. 

Why the crap am I talking about this?  Because we went to the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede in Branson, and this is not something we normally would go to.  Although we were both born and raised in the same town, we're not that big on country western type activities.  I enjoy watching rodeos and bull riding, but it's rare that I actually sit down to watch one.  We have heard about this place for years and have always been semi curious.  So when we drove by it in Branson we figured why not.

And we are glad we did.  The night starts out with a pre show, I'm not sure how often it changes but the one we saw was really good.  I feel bad that I can't remember the guy's name, but haha that's me.  He was very funny and a VERY talented juggler.  He balanced a chair on his chin and at the end of his show golf clubs with golf balls in between each club (which was the coolest trick I've ever seen).  He juggled with the generic items like the swords/knives, balls and even tennis rackets.  It was still a really cool performance that we would watch over and over.

After the preshow, you head into the main arena.  Depending on your ticket depends on what side you are on, the North (Yankee/Union army) side or the South (Confederate) side.  We were on the north, so woohoo for freedom and the equal rights of man.  We actually heard many people saying they better be on the south and I almost wanted to go up to them and chew their asses out.  Yes I'm from the south and I'm damn proud of it, except for the part that the South was all for slavery and was willing to go to war so they could continue treating other humans worse than animals.  But I digress.  Part of the show was different races and contests and whichever side won, received a flag an award.  At the end of the night whoever had the most won.  It was anything from barrel racing, to kids chasing chickens to grown men riding those stick horse things around the arena.  The North won again.  The tricks they did with the horses were pretty spectacular, considering they were in full gallop and the people doing the flips and tricks on their backs acted as if they were standing still.  We were very impressed by their skill and that of the horses.

But the most impressive thing was the food.  They give you a TON of food.  As in a cheddar bisquit, veggie soup, a whole cornish hen, a slice of pork tenderloin, half of a baked potato, a corn cob and an apple turnover for dessert.  Plus all you can drink.  Everything was delicious and I would give anything for the recipes.  Bo will tell you the chicken was the best, and I agree, but what stands out for me is the fact that you have NO silverware.  Your hands and fingers are your utensils.  Now for someone who is very close to a germophobe, this is a scary feat.  Considering I was in heels and was holding on to the banisters that thousands of people used minutes before dinner.  Icky ick ick.  But I got through, and being that messy made it more fun.  Have you ever clapped with sticky goodness on your hands, causing them to stick?? It's quite a giggle let me tell you.  And at one point I cupped my hands around my mouth to yell with our side, and smeared grease and seasonings all over my face...don't worry they give you napkins and a hot towel to clean up. 

We were over dressed for dinner, although we were wearing dark jeans and a nice shirt, nothing all that fancy dancy.  But most people were in shorts and tanks, some were even wet as if they just got done swimming.  If you plan on going, you should be relieved that you really can go as you are and no one cares.

I find it funny that now we've been, Bo has heard from many coworkers that they didn't like it.  Obviously they are less interested in country themed entertainment than we are to not enjoy the show.  So if you don't like horses or cool riding tricks, acrobatic performances, comedic races with pigs, chickens and men on stick horses, the comedy and story lines of the performers, excellent country cooking, and a warm and friendly atmosphere, then well you suck so you wouldn't appreciate this place.  Let us take your seats instead.
We have only one slight complaint, the parking is a LONG way from the door, and it really bites trying to walk that far in heels, LOL especially when you haven't worn any in about 2 years.  It can't be helped, since there are close to a thousand (I think, is what someone said) people at each show.  Which is why it's a semi complaint, parking has never stopped us before and it shouldn't stop you!

I 100% recommend this place!

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