Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can see the humor...can you?

So yeah, yesterday.

I had this big idea, with a positive attitude and some energy to make it happen.

But it didn't.

Why?  Because I once again OCD'd the damn thing to death.

Le sigh.

I didn't kick my ass by making notes or lists or a plan.  Nope.  I just thought oh I could do that and that and then maybe that and OOOH if I have time I could FINALLY get to that. 

When my 'plan' all along had been to pick just one thing, do it and then move on to something else.  Not to think about anything but that one thing until I had finished it.

I got as far as washing a load of dishes.

Le sigh....again.

Yeah I can laugh at it, I don't know how or why it's funny but it is.  I told Bo yesterday that if I had an assistant I could have had a sparkly house...ok so I could always have a sparkly house.  Cause I'm fantastic at coming up with what to do...I just HATE to do it and let myself get away with not doing it.  It's why I make a great boss, but a lousy employee.

Typed that with a grin...LOL funny the truth can be sometimes...or maybe that's just me today ~shrugs~.

Instead of beating myself up about it like I normally would do, I decided to pretend yesterday wasn't a failure, that it was just an idea that didn't work.  Today I made myself a list, that I've yet to do haha but I have a cuddle worm so it's not me being lazy, and that is what I'm focusing on.  It's going to be a tough job to keep my OCD noggin focused on those three things when I can give a 1000 detailed list of everything that needs to be done.  But it's something I really really REALLY need to get under control.

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Marty said...

Found your blog on networked seems we have plenty in common...I too suffer from that ocd bug which for some reason doesn't consume as much of my day as it once did...thank God...Hope to get to know you more.