Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Aint it a giggle??

I think we all know I'm scatterbrained.  But when I'm running on little sleep I'm almost incapable of adding 1+1.

For example:

I did laundry almost every day this last week and we have no socks, no towels and I have zero clean undies.  Yet every day I thought OMG Nikki you must wash these items or tomorrow is going to suck again.  And tomorrow rolls around, we're all wearing mix matched socks, another morning without a shower and I'm commando.  And when I needed towels last week, instead of washing ALL the towels, I washed 2.  TWO towels for 4 people...how I did this I don't know as I do not remember only grabbing two, I thought for sure I washed an entire load.

Yesterday as Bo and I were making dinner I looked over and saw the sink had handwashed dishes soaking in water....hmmm when did I do that??? Seriously do you know, cause I still can't remember when I did this.... we couldn't tell if I'd even put soap in the water.

Speaking of dinner yesterday, you would have thought I was trying to perform brain surgery as I tried to come up with what to make!  Bo wasn't excited about making the recipe I had planned so he asked what other recipes I had ingredients for.  I was like 'uh uh uh what are we talking about'.  No joke, ask him.

I am frustrated by the fact that at the rate I'm going, if I'm dressed in actual clothes that are mine and they relatively cover my fluffy butt it's a good day.  I'm frustrated that every morning/evening it's a mad rush to see what we need/have and try to get things done ASAP so we can get out the door.

But I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous I am these days.  It's so much easier than being mad at myself and kicking my ass over how little I'm able to do.

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