Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't duct tape Mama!

I may be new to the Royal Family and still learning who's who and all, but I HAVE to address something that has come up.

Our Royal Cop got shut down over an innocent post.  The website/host even put her URL up for grabs!  All because she posted a simple post about a yearly gathering that had gone awry because of all the drinking that always happens.  She mentioned one year how she had to fight through a dangerous crowd to get to someone who was stabbed and then mentioned her arresting the guy who did it.  All in a normal days work for this chick and no different than any other post she has done.

Why did she get shut down?

We're not 100% sure, but we're guessing because this yearly gathering is of Native Americans and she didn't keep that out of the post. 

Now whether you believe it or not, I'm part Cherokee and Choctaw Indian.  Everyone I know says Indian, we don't ask you to be all PC and say American Indian or Native American, in fact you'd get laughed at and made fun of for being a tard if you called us that.  For me there was nothing offensive about this post, and I'm pretty sure those I know would say the exact same thing.  We're a tough lot after all.

Yeah I say us/we, I may not look it or have a card saying I am, but I am Indian thank you very much....and Irish and Scottish and possibly maybe German but I digress.

The fact that she didn't once make fun of Indians or their culture or ANYTHING in her post, all she did was state the facts of what happened, yet she was censored and shut down, has us all in an uproar.

WTF kind of messed up brain fart is this!?

I'm kinda thinking that it has to do with their filters, that she used enough phrases or certain words to set off an alarm and the site just followed protocol without checking it.  But whether they have 5 or 5 million blogs, a person should check the post/blog in question to make sure it wasn't a mistake.  If someone did check it and still shut her down, they deserve the tard award of the decade.

I've read blogs that are dripping with racial slurs and comments that had me annoyed and yet they are still up and running and were never told to take down their posts.  Well as far as I know, I stopped reading their trash.  I don't know about you, but that leaves me scratching my head that she was targeted because of an innocent post while others who are guilty of racism, gets away with it.
We're hoping to get the word around so this doesn't happen to anyone else for one thing and because we want THIS host to pay attention, do it's job and target those in need of censorship.


jodene said...

In South Africa we just had an incident where a journalist got fired for a similar reason. It's unbelievable how we still need to protect some people from simple statements that are the truth.
I am horrified that the blog got shut down and would make a big noise about it ... sadly, I know that people only hear what they want to hear!

Momma Fargo said...

THanks for your support! Nice to meet you! I was on a blog vacation so I am just coming around to read everyone's blogs.