Monday, April 25, 2011

Enough, weather deity

I wanted to do something new with a blog post today, wracked my brain to find that new thing but for the life of me can't.


Cause it's fucking raining.

Notice I used the f word already; my mood has advanced from 'ah I love the rain' to 'WILL IT NEVER END'.
It rained most of last week, ALL FING WEEKEND, and all day today.  Not just sprinkles or the occasional bursts with sunshine in between.  Nope a constant dark and dreary drizzle or down poor.  No in betweens, no stopping.  There is now a lake in between the town we live in and the town Bo works in that wasn't there before.  

I have a list sitting next to me of things to do but this damn rain and the dreary darkness outside has got me in this aaaahhhh must sleep mode.  Getting up to go pee is with much effort.

I'm trying, I really really am trying to get up and go as if my body isn't sleep walking.  I have things to do, things that right now are yelling at me and saying I'm a bad bad girl for not doing what I should.  You know what I've been doing?  Giving it the finger.

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Dazee Dreamer said...

I will sure go hunt down mother nature or deity with you and help you beat the holy hell out of them. We've had nothing but snow and rain since the 1st of April. I feel your pain