Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunshine and roses

No rain came my way...sorry channeling Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales.

Today is absolutely beautiful.  Like PURTY.  Like picturesk, spring romance blockbuster, gorgeous.

I also feel great.  No headache so far.  Hot damn.

But today is not without it's thorns.

My BIL's fiance got into an car accident this morning.  Last we heard she's fine, but having contractions and has bruising all over her stomach.  She's due on May 13th or something, so it's not that kind of scary contractions.  We're still waiting on an update.  Bo texted him about two hours ago and his response to Bo's question of 'Is Jody and the baby ok' was 'yup'.

That's Rod for you, can't shut the man up.

Jocelyn has a fever and is sick, coughing and snuffly you know the drill.  Bailey has it too, minus the fever AND I've got pressure in my forehead so I'm thinking that's what these headaches have been from. 

I'm off to clean something.  I need to clean something.  I ache to do it.  Why?  Cause I've learned that it's helps me.

Can you stand it?


McKenzie said...

Cleaning helps me when I am mad or extremely upset, don't know why though. Guess it has its own calming effect? Hope everyone is okay and feels better soon!

Draft Queen said...

I only clean when I have too much on my mind. And then it's more like dismantle and put back together. But you just moved so I guess it's kind of the same thing. Maybe. I'm babbling.

Hope your SIL and the baby are okay. And that the kids get better soon and you aren't plagued with a nasty sinus thing.

I'm just going to sit here on my ass while you do all the cleaning now, okay?