Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh the joy of married sex

                                   !!!!!!Family warning, do not read further.  No seriously STOP! I will not be held responsible for your therapy bill!!!!

There's a muscle in my shoulder that is tight, painful and raised.  And that is not the only injury I've sustained thanks to a session with a 'sex deprived' husband.

Since I stopped taking my happy pills, I've noticed a dramatic um lack of that loving feeling.  And it doesn't help that I have a husband that has turned into a sleep sex addict thanks to having been snipped.  These two things combined and it's a tad difficult to get in the moooood.

So yesterday I was feeling all frisky, even shaved the legs winky winky, and decided to jump Bo....Bo stop reading for a sec k honey pie...the need for sleep was getting pathetic so what's a girl to do....ok it's all good you can look now, I love you shnooky wookums.

The thing with not giving it to your significant other is that things get a bit more amorous than neccessary..... or asked for.  And now I'm walking funny and with a very sore shoulder.  I can't lift my left arm very high folks without squealing like a little girl.

Don't ask me how that happened...I think it was gripping the headboard so I'd stay put or it could have been when he flipped me sideways and made me do a Triangle Pose of sorts...I'm not certain.


middle child said...

First of all....I know that last position and it is awesome! Also, sex can be dangerous. I sent hubby #2 to the hospital with a heart attack and hubby #3 to the doctor for a um..sprained? ah., love muscle. But - for al the sorness you now have, it was worth it , right?

singedwingangel said...

BWHAHAHHAH Love this and the honesty and hope your shoulder gets better..