Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grumbling again

Where have I been this past week??

Sleep deprived because of my husband.


We've tried a few ideas in hopes to fix his sleep sex fondling, nothing has worked so far, and we're now down to sleeping pills and his own bed.

On the 15th school starts.  Right now, after this past week of horror and last night which I swear to all things holy was THE WORST NIGHT EVER in which he began wrapping himself around me to the point I could barely move let alone breath AFTER 'taking care of it' four times throughout the night, I dread school.  I dread it, I'm afraid of it and I do not know how I'm going to survive.  Other than going to bed with the sun in hopes I get some sleep before he comes to bed.

I don't want to kick him out of our bed.  I don't want to knock him or myself out by sleeping pills.  But my gosh, I can barely get dressed right now how the hell am I going to take and pick up Bailey from school every day with Jocelyn by my side in this state?

Anyone else out there with husband who tries to have sex with you while you are both asleep?  Anyone?!?!?! Please tell me I'm not alone!!!!!

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Singedwingangel said...

Hell I have enough issues getting sex from my hubby while we are both awake lol... can't say as I have that issue. That is odd though, talk about the wrong head having control lol