Friday, September 16, 2011

Something to talk about

It's been a long tiring week for me; today is a three cups of coffee day (normally I only have two).  I didn't meet my deadline, but I am not beating myself up for it.  I got some things done and I'm proud of that.  Why wouldn't I be?  Dirty dishes is not the end of the world ya know.

But today is Friday and Friday is like the BEST day don't you think?  I know today is going awesome.  I bought a new jogging stroller, and my soon to be SIL and I set up a date to go walking on Tuesday (and hoping to go 3-4 times a week if not play Kinnect games together), plus my friend wants to go again with me next week.  And tomorrow I go shopping with another friend.  Am I busy being social or what? Kinda great since I haven't been doing things with friends like this since like 2004.  It's been a once a year if that thing since Miss, my Honey Cheeks moved away from me cause she's EVIL.


Here's some giggles to help pass the time...this first one is SO not safe for work hahahaha

The best part is at the 20 second mark ;) and then again at the 2:20 mark

And because we need some eye candy

And neither is this one

Happy weekend everyone MWUAH


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Nikki said...

Son of a bitch, what happened to my outtakes from The Ugly Truth? I'm hurt. I'm piffed...damnit pissed.. apparently tequila also messes with your spelling ability.