Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WTF does that mean?!

Last week with Bailey's sudden turn in behavior and this week Bo going on a business trip for three days has got me all anxious and stressed and it's damn lucky I'm dressed.  You should count your lucky stars it's been cold so I couldn't walk out there in my skivvies and tank.

Truthfully I should be cleaning so when my Mama comes to stay with me, it won't be such a mess but right now my brain is on something else and I just have to share.

I've gotten farther into the book that I bought last week that deals with strong willed children.  I won't share the title just yet I would like to give it an actual chance before I say it's crap, especially since tons of people have raved about it.  But right now I'm seriously asking it WTF!

It gives you a 5 week course to get your strong willed child under control.  The first week you do play sessions with them where you can't give them instructions, you can't ask them questions and if they misbehave you ignore it.  All you can do is say things like 'you are stacking the blocks high' or 'you are driving your car around in a circle' or 'you are building a castle'.  It says that if they start asking why you are acting strangely and saying that you just want to play with them doesn't stop the questions, to ignore them and keep commenting on what they are doing... oook. Anyone else thinking that's a bit weird?

I'm worried because he won't talk to you while he's playing unless you ask him questions, and most of the time if I sit down in the floor to play too he gets up and leaves to go play by himself.  How am I supposed to get him to do these sessions with him if he a) won't speak to me half the time unless I ask a question and b) would rather play alone?

Sigh.  I will try it.  I want to see if this can work and by golly something has to work to get him to talk to us and stop acting like he's Henry VIII and he wants heads to roll when he doesn't get his way.

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