Thursday, December 21, 2006

New furniture smell!

Yesterday was dark and gloomy with a steady drizzle of cold ass rain. Everyone I met while out doing errands had the same look about them. That drowned rat look with a sour puss face. It was funny, but I know I resembled the same thing. And what a beautiful day it was to get our brand new living room suite. The nice delivery men tracked leaves and mud into the house. No need to worry too much about my carpet, its already stained and yucky from the past owners. Besides, we’re getting it replaced in a couple weeks, so I didn’t scream at them like a mad banshee when they stamped their mark.

Compared to Tuesday, yesterday wasn’t so bad. Not that Tuesday was terrible, just draining. It was my first visit with the counselor. The counselor was very nice and laughed at my crazy sense of humor. But, she didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I know on the first visit that would be rare. But I was hoping for some insight or idea on how to work on something in a different way than I have already tried. Every time she made a suggestion, I politely informed her I already tried it. She kept coming up with them and I kept shooting them down. I think she got frustrated with me. But hey I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years, do you honestly think I haven’t tried working on my issues? I still don’t see how this can help, but I have a prescription, which is funny to me, for four sessions. If I don’t go, my husband and my doctor will probably beat me. I wonder if that could work like electroshock therapy? I came home with homework, something I never thought of. But I did tell her I like to write so she used that against me. Not that I’m angry, just not sure this is going to do any good. When I got home, I felt drained of everything. Not that I poured my heart out to her during that hour, but I told her quite a bit. My husband was all understanding and consoling but I didn’t need it or want it. I wasn’t sad or mad, just drained. It was an odd feeling. When I talk to my husband or a friend, I feel better afterward. I feel free and refreshed. But this time I didn’t and it confused me. Maybe it was talking to a complete stranger about my past. I don’t know but I do not look forward to the next one. I’ll need a good stock of coffee, tequila and limes for that day.

One good thing, I have three new pieces of furniture to break in. Wink wink.

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