Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm back for the moment

It has been far too long since I stopped by for a visit. I actually missed the café. I’ve been arguing with my body all these weeks on whether to get sick or not. Every year I either get a horrendous cold that lasts the entire winter season, or I get sinus headaches. This year I have the headaches along with drainage, yummy. So if you hear something that sounds like a seal barking, don’t worry that’s just me coughing up my spleen. While dealing with the decision of whether to get sick or not, I have been visited by a teething monster. My son is a very quiet, self entertained child who minds better than most adults. Yes oh yes I thank God daily for this blessing. I made the mistake of complaining a few months back that the poor guy had only a couple of teeth and how I was afraid of him eating pureed carrots until he was 5. The teething god must have heard me because he swished his magic wand and now my dear sweet boy is getting 8 teeth at one time. EIGHT FUCKING TEETH PEOPLE! The 6 teeth he already had started bothering him around 6 months, yet the first one didn’t fully pop through until he was about 11 months. Once his first two teeth arrived, he was his sweet little self for a few weeks then the next two started. And of course they took months to come through. At 18 months he had 6 teeth, that was last month by the way, and now all of a sudden these little suckers are popping through like nothing I have ever seen. He’s in pain, and he’s handling it better than I could hope for. Yet, because I’m used to a child who listens and who doesn’t need to be cuddled and played with 24/7 and who doesn’t throw fits very often, having a child who throws himself on the floor and cries bloody murder just because he dropped his cup I am clueless on what to do. I give him Tylenol and teething tablets and they don’t seem to work for him, takes after his mama there. I apologize to him daily on how very sorry I am I ever made the comment that I wish he’d get them all at once so the teething process could be over with. Mama is so very sorry Peanut.

Let’s see….. My moods are getting much better. The only day’s I have vegetated on the couch are the days that the headaches and the yummy drainage was so bad I felt like shit run over by a freight train. And even then I still got up and did something. I just couldn’t stand or sit for a long period of time without getting woozy, hence why I haven’t posted. I haven’t had a headache in a few days and the drainage has tripled its flow to make up for it I guess, but at least I can get up and do things. Just talking about all this makes me hungry for ousters. Even though I have felt terrible I have still been in good spirits and didn’t let the dragon to kick my ass again. I’m very proud and happy with that. Before the happy pills, getting sick and staying on the couch would bring the dragon on. I can now have a day on the couch if I choose to and not hate myself the next day. See, improvement here.

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