Monday, March 12, 2007

Missing: Ugly blob of fat

I’ve been sickly for a few days now but I think I’m finally getting over the worst of it. I posted yesterday by lying on the couch with the laptop at a funky angle. This morning I was able to walk around without getting dizzy. And now finally the flood gates inside my head seem to be closed. The pressure is still there though. Here’s hoping I wake up tomorrow with my voice back to normal, no drainage, no coughing and no pressure.

I got my book last Thursday and have read almost half of it. It is a very good book, very helpful and encouraging. BUT it is not for me. This book is for those individuals who are compulsive eaters. People who have their pantry stocked with all of their favorite comfort foods at all times. It teaches people how to replace bad comfort foods with healthy ones. It shows people why they eat what they do and how often, and how they can fix it. It really is about nourishing your body by examining everything you put into it. I am not a compulsive eater, I don’t have my pantry stocked with my comfort foods, I don’t eat until I’m so full I’m sick, etc. I don’t fit into any of the categories that this book is for. I am fat because I have shitty metabolism, I don’t exercise, and I eat bad foods too often. It’s a good thing I didn’t quit Weight Watchers.

When I ordered the book, I knew it would take almost a month to get here so I stuck with WW just to get a head start. The hubby and I have both lost 7lbs. It has been 19 days and I have lost 7 pounds! How awesome is that?!? It’s even more awesome if you saw how easy it has been. He isn’t even tracking points; he’s just making sure he eats the serving size and no more. I’ve tried diets before where after the first 15 minutes you are starving. I have had maybe three days where I was hungry and over my points. Only because I didn’t calculate my meals like I should have. After the first week I realized that it wasn’t just that I was eating too much, I was also not eating as healthy as I thought I was. We eat out two times a week, and we always tried to stick to the healthy side of the menu. Well there is no healthy side of the menu! The salads at almost every single fast food restaurant in town are higher in points than their hamburgers! We thought we were being good but in reality we weren’t. Then of course I love to cook, so the meals I made were fancy and impressive as well as worth way too many points. We also weren’t paying that much attention on serving size. It is EXTREMELY important to know how much your eating, because if you don’t keep track of it you will over eat every single time.

I love the Body Clutter book, but I will find it a good home with someone who needs it. Books are my babies, I hate seeing a book sitting on a shelf not getting attention. We are going to continue with WW because it is working. For the first time EVER something is working. My metabolism is still a problem, but now I know I was helping it along by eating so badly, although I really thought I wasn’t. I can fight it and I can win. The food isn’t as great as what I was making, but I don’t have to eat just their recipes. I can cook other things; I just have to pay more attention to what it is. I weighed this morning and noticed that I am 3lbs away from the weight I was before I got pregnant. That was pretty cool. It is still hard to believe that this is so easy and I’m losing weight without struggling, but my clothes and the scale show the truth.

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