Friday, May 18, 2007

Round one...I win

I weigh myself daily, and yes I giggle with delight that it’s either less or the same as the day before. Yesterday I weighed and noticed a 2.5lbs drop, which isn’t the first sudden drop I’ve had. If I remember correctly, the first time I jumped up and down screaming yes over and over. But yesterday when I saw that drop my first thought was, why not stop the diet. I mean I’m losing weight, I know how to do it so why continue. Um dumb ass! For all of 5 seconds I contemplated the thought of stopping the diet and doing this on my own. What would possess me to go back to doing it on my own when it is obvious I don’t know how to do it? So what if my goal seems farther away than it did in the beginning, even though I’m way closer to it, I’m not quitting. I am in a size that I haven’t been in for over 5 years. I was here for all of 10 minutes 3 years ago then I got pregnant. That is awesome. So no I’m not quitting.

Normally that little voice would win; I would bow down and accept defeat and failure. A few days ago I found a photo album I’ve been searching for since we moved into the house two years ago. It was of course in a box, in the back of the garage under three other boxes. It had pictures in it from a vacation the hubby and I took three years ago. In one I was wearing shorts, which up until that point I hadn’t attempted since I graduated in ’00. I didn’t look Jessica Alba hot, but I looked damn good. And you know what I am that weight right now. I don’t look that good today, but I’m close. Very close. I also went through all of my other albums. I was in homecoming every year in high school, so there are a lot of pictures of me wearing formal dresses. Just seeing those pictures and how itty bitty I was, was big enough ammo to shut up that inner bitch. So yesterday after she spoke I sat down with my photos and went through each one. Now I know what to do if she says that again. Smack her around a bit then plop a pic of me wearing a short black satin dress on the table. Take a look at me then and take a look at me now, who do you think is going to win???

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