Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Somewhat happy day

Over the past week a few more people have noticed that I now weigh less than I did a few months ago. My MIL noticed when she visited over Mother’s Day weekend and said I am starting to look like the old Nikki. I laughed and said I have a far far way to go to look like the old me, but it was nice to hear. She said it many times while she was here and each time she sounded shocked and amazed. I told hubby that it made me feel good to hear someone sound excited that I am losing weight finally. Then this morning I saw someone that I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. She saw me throughout my pregnancy then we only saw each other once or twice after the munchkin was born. She got to see me when I resembled a bloated toad. I stopped by her house this morning on a whim and she just happened to be there. She was outside in her yard when I pulled up. For a few seconds a look of who the hell is this was on her face then she got this big grin and said “Is that you” with a squeal. I said of course it was me and we hugged and talked shop for a while. She kept saying how good I looked, and how before I had even gotten pregnant I wasn’t this small. I was and told her so but she still argued that I couldn’t have. I mean 5lbs smaller can’t be that big of a difference can it? I joked and said it had to be my jeans which were at that moment trying to escape my ass. Whatever the reason, it totally made my day and I’m glad I stopped by to see her.

I went to the dr. today to ask him what is going on with me lately. Too many headaches, lack of energy, can’t remember or concentrate, and some of my lovely symptoms of depression have returned. Now I just have to wait for the test results. Yippee

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