Thursday, June 14, 2007

Weight loss check in

I have lost 20lbs now and I’ve been stuck here for two weeks. I should be a bit pissed that I’m stuck, but I’m not. I’m actually excited. Because this is normal for one and two I’ve lost 20lbs! That is awesome! I haven’t even tried that hard and I’m losing. Seriously how is it possible to still eat the same things and lose weight when before you could only gain?? The math has to be wrong. I’m perfectly ok with it being wrong if I can continue to lose weight. The scale not dropping can’t knock the smile from my face. The fact that the size of jeans I was in is so large now I can’t keep them up, AT ALL, just makes me giddy. Before I would wear a belt to keep them on, they’d be baggy as hell on me but they’d stay up. The belt no longer works because it is too big now and even if it wasn’t it still couldn’t keep up those pants. It’s a good thing I had some smaller jeans in storage that fit amazingly I might add, so I don’t have to go out and waste more money on clothes I’ll not be able to fit in in 6 weeks.

So I won’t be able to wear a bathing suit this year, ooh biggie. I’m perfectly ok with that. In fact I could wear one now it’s just that the skin that the suit will show hasn’t seen daylight in years. I glow people, I would feel bad if I seriously damaged someone’s retinas. Add that to me not seriously loving the way my ass looks right now, I will save the world from that horrible image for a little while longer. But I can wear cute clothes again! I’m out of the fat girl clothes and into the chubby girl clothes. Although if you go by those who are insane, anything over a size 4 is obese. I will never be able to fit in a 4. See I was born with hips, a butt, shoulders and boobs. To fit into anything under a size 4 you need the body of a 12 year old boy. Ick. Give me curves any day, I want to look like a woman, not a prepubescent boy with boobs

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