Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because she says so...

I keep mentioning how Jocelyn loves to change things up and I’m beginning to think its going to be a reoccurring topic here. I swear the second I think ok, when this happens I can do A or B, she knows and flips the SOB upside down so that B becomes A and A becomes W.

For instance, she was staying awake for two hours at a time before needing a nap, even if it was a 15 minute nap or a 3 hour nap. Now however, after an hour of her being awake she starts to get fussy and needs to sleep, again whether its for 15 minutes or 3 hours. I cannot plan anything around this kid. Whenever we’re at my parents house she won’t sleep unless you hold her. She’s fussy the entire time and wants to do nothing else but eat. And for some weird reason my dad and brother-in-law make her cry. You bring her home and she’s happy and cooing. She has days where she cries when you hold her and shuts up as soon as you put her down. Then the next day she cries until you hold her. There are days where if you dare to sit her in her swing, she’ll tie you upside down by your big toe and play Barney and Friends songs until your ears bleed. Then the next day wants nothing but the swing. On and on it goes, and I swear to everything holy, that little girl is secretly laughing her ass off while she keeps us jumping.

My house needs one of those caution yellow tape boarders because it is a disaster. I’m exhausted from the constant up and down, also the pills make me tired and then you add in the little sleep, its no wonder the laundry is screaming wash me wash me every time I walk by. In a few days Joss will be 4 months old, and I’m hoping that will bring me one step closer to finding a way to live with her crazy mood swings. Ok make that wishing on every fallen eye lash, falling star, red bird, and wishbone.

That’s not saying she’s a tough baby, because she’s not, she just keeps you guessing. She’s just indecisive like her mama. Either that or the definition of ornery.

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Niki (SG) said...

WOW... it sounds like Tori and Joss are soul-sisters! I could have written that post myself these last few days =)

By the way, I LOVE the new hair! you look absolutely fantastic! I wish that i could do that with my hair, but its just waaaay too curly to look that good!

I keep coming in here to the Cafe to see how life's treating you. I think that I'm going to start my own blog one of these days... i'll keep you informed as to when it starts!