Monday, June 29, 2009

Day of firsts

1) The website,, is up and running!!! Hot damn hot damn!!! This is entirely temporary, but since it’s a struggle learning html with two kids and a drugged memory I needed some help. As of now we have nothing really for our front page, so you get to see a list of our favorite authors until we find something else to fill in the spaces. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t take me 6 months to learn html so I can build a better website.

2) Today little Jocelyn is getting avocados! I’m so excited about this for some weird reason. This is more work for me, but I’m so excited to make baby food I can barely contain myself. The steamer and baby food storage containers have been tormenting me since the day I bought them, washed them and stacked them neatly on the counter. That steamer has such a potty mouth.

3) This weekend I ran across an article about a game, yes a game, that I thought would benefit not only me but Bo and Bailey as well. It’s Wii Sports Active, and according to the article even 4 year olds can play it. This will kill two birds with one stone; get me to exercise and let me play with my son. He loves the Wii, he loves playing games and loves it when we play with him. So hot damn here’s a game that will make me sweet and make him giggle all rolled into one neat little package. Now the biggest obstacle for me is to actually play the game. I told Bailey last night that I have to do this every day, so hopefully he can be my drill sergeant and make me do it. Can you picture that? Yeah I laughed too.

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