Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jocelyn news

My beautiful little girl has turned into a fussy, grunting, wants to be held while you stand up all day tyrant. She cries/grunts most of the day and it seems that teething tablets do nothing for her. You bring oragel near her and you better run for cover because she screams so loudly you’d think I’d rubbed hot pepper juice on her gums. She despises teethers, preferring your hand or finger instead. Take it away before she’s done and meltdown city.

Her never ending merry-go-round of likes and dislikes seems to be on high gear these days. Nothing seems to please her for very long. Even her old favorite of nursing doesn’t seem to be as fun as it once was. She keeps me jumping more now than she ever has. I can’t help but feel defeated and a bit ashamed that I’m being ruled by a 4 month old.

We started her on oatmeal a week and a half ago. I decided that since she started wanting to nurse all day every day, and yet remain fussy and giving signs she was still hungry, that we may need to add oatmeal into her diet. So far so good. She is slightly in love with it. Her entire body reacts when she sees the bowl, arms and legs flailing in the air in 40 directions and her mouth opens wide. The second the spoon touches her mouth, her left leg shoots into the air. And if she gets the chance she will grab a hold of the spoon and not let go without a fight. Picture a grown woman pleading with a screaming baby to let go of the spoon, very comical. In a week or two I’ll be introducing avocados or peas to her. I'm so excited to be making her food, I can't decide where to start. I'm just glad she's as excited about this new phase as I am.

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