Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bailey news

When he turned three we began the potty training process. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Still a bit frustrating but it wasn’t the nightmare that so many speak of. One thing we couldn’t quite get him to do was not pee in his pullup at night. We used the same sticker system that we used during the day and it didn’t work. We found that sometimes children can't hold it at night for a few years, so we weren't too worried or adamant that he stop this habit. But then he begin once a week or so being able to, so we knew he was capable of it. We’ve continued the sticker system and he hasn’t improved. Bo came up with the bright idea of getting him nighttime underwear and saying that 4 year olds don’t wear pullups to bed as an encouragement. He jumped on this since everything is “I can do this now that I’m 4, because I couldn’t when I was 3”. We bought him nighttime undies and we’re on night one with undies and no accident. Hot damn.

Over the past few weeks he’s become more and more excited to help out. We’ve set him up a 'chore list' (if you consider we help him with all three things its not exactly a chore for him), explained his allowance (as best you can to someone who has no clue what money is) and he’s better at remembering to do it than we are. In fact, by him remembering he has stuff to do has somewhat helped me keep on track with my list. If only a certain baby would stop changing everything up ever 5 minutes I’d be more on track, but I digress. It’s weird that he can have chores now and actually help out. He is extremely helpful and I didn’t realize just how much he did help until we came up with his 'chores'.

We've been working on getting him used to the idea of school, but he wants nothing to do with it. I know it doesn’t matter what he says, but he gets so upset with the idea of being away from home it breaks my heart. Once his shots are caught up I’ll be enrolling him in daycare or even preschool this fall. It makes me sad to think he won’t be with me all day everyday. But I’m excited to see him experience friends and see just how much he can learn. With as smart as he is, we’re afraid he may be bored with school for a while.

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