Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't forget the chocolate sprinkles.

For about a week now Jocelyn has been saying Mama. I told Bo this is what she’s saying after the first time I heard ‘ma’. But he said he didn’t think so, I think because I told him she hasn’t been saying Dada. He swears she has, I have yet to hear it. Of course it’s not just Mama that she says its Mamamamamamamama. Still, it’s as cute as a bug’s ear.

I’ve had this feeling that she was going to be a goof ball, flying by the seat of her pants kinda girl. She’s added something new that says I may be right. She sucks her toes. Now most babies will play with their feet and put their feet in their mouth, Bailey did this, but I have never seen or heard of a baby actually sucking on their toe. Like they would suck their thumb. I know she’s not the only one who does this, but since I’ve never seen it I laugh every time she does it. Once she’s done with one thumb, she moves to the other and when those thumbs are done she moves on to her big toes. I’ll hear this smacking/sucking noise I’ll look over, and there she is grinning at me with her big toe in her mouth. It’s like she knows how funny it is, because she always grins at you when she does it. She’s even giggled a few times, like she knows it isn’t normal. But damned if she lets me get a picture of it. Oh no, the second the camera makes its start up beep the foot drops and she gives that bored expression of hers. If she could talk, I’m sure she’s saying I am so not performing for you.

My little girl is attached to me in more ways then just the boob. I love it and yet I feel bad for it, because others have difficulty getting her to sleep or keeping her happy for long. We all know it’s because I have the boobs and I’m with her all day, it’s natural and normal for any baby to do this, but still it’s frustrating when I need a break. She will be sitting in someone’s lap and follow me with her eyes as I move around the room. She gives me this look like, what are you doing, I’m supposed to be with you, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND PICK ME UP. Then her bottom lip sticks out, begins to quiver, and this high pitched whine comes out. She’s not 6 months yet and she has this down pat! We are so screwed.

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