Friday, August 28, 2009

Chickadee’s and orange taters

Day one of chicken has arrived. I originally had planned on picking a recipe and introducing each of the ingredients one by one like you’re supposed to, then eventually making the whole shebang. Except I got way sidetracked. Ooooh such beautiful nectarines have to try those. Oh wow look at those pears, gotta try these next. MMMMM peas are so tasty. You get the drift. Not only that, but which recipe do we try first? There were so many that sounded yummy and fun that I couldn’t make up my mind. How crazy! Me not being able to make a decision. Who woulda thunk it.

So today it’s chicken along with sweet potatoes. It’s not a recipe of any sorts, just what I have frozen for her. Next up is potato gnocchi with peas. Then chicken with pasta and veggies. Ok, see here I go again, so many fun choices that I can’t stop myself.

We bought a deep freeze this week, so I have lots of cooking to do to fill that sucker up. I am way too excited about this.

….My apologies for the ‘hick talk’, as Miss would say, I’m having childhood flashbacks I guess. The thoughts jumping around my head are filled with ya’alls, aints, and coulda shouldas. Believe me, the above wording could be way worse ~said with heavy twang and dripping honey~

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