Monday, September 28, 2009

Orange on my mind

Saturday we packed up and headed to a neighboring town for some fantastical frozen custard. One of Bo’s employees is part of the family who created the franchise, and every chance we get we tell him he needs to get them to open a store in our town. But I think we’re both glad they haven’t yet, because every chance we get we go grab us some. It’s heaven in a cup with any topping you can imagine. We try to get something different each visit, since there is an endless variety. This time we grabbed some pumpkin custard, oh there are no words at how delectable this stuff is. I had mine with pecans and he had marshmallows and hot fudge in his. Shhh mine was better, but he doesn’t think so. I’m sure if there was one here in town, my diet would be killed. Not just killed, but flattened, and chopped up in a million pieces and used as a topping for my frozen custard.

On our way home I asked that we stop at a produce stand to see what we could find. We found ginormous pumpkins. The size of a baby elephant I swear! Seeing all of those pumpkins I got this idea to buy one and eeck cook it. I have never had fresh pumpkin, only canned, and here I thought I could do it. I now have this pumpkin sitting in my kitchen, all bright and shiny orange just waiting for me to make nummy goodness out of it. I found a baby food recipe that sound tasty even for us big people, and the rest I’m freezing for pumpkin pie. REAL PUMPKIN PIE!!! Can you stand it?

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