Saturday, September 26, 2009

That apple didn't fall far

My mom likes to tell stories about what I was like as a child. She doesn’t talk about how I had a vivid imagination. Nor does she mention that I used to walk around everywhere with my cat on my shoulder. She doesn’t even mention how I was every parents dream when it came to eating veggies or whatever was for dinner. Nope, she likes to tell people about how I would walk up to complete strangers and say “Hi I’m Nikki. My dad is fat and stupid”. I have to admit it is funny and I chuckle every time she brings it up. I actually remember doing it, but not why I did it. My dad is far from stupid, and although he’s got a nice round belly on him, he is far from fat. I think it was more that people would laugh, and I’ve always loved making people laugh. Well, today, history is starting to repeat itself.

Everywhere we went, it was “Hi my name is Bailey and I’m 4 years old”. He said this to everyone we came in contact with, nice and loud so everyone around could hear as well. Bo and I stood laughing, exchanging a look that clearly said “Yup I know where he got that from”. Everyone of course thought he was something else and talked to him, they even told him goodbye when we left, which totally made his little day.

I’m a little afraid of this, but at the same time it’s so amazing to see that he gets things from me. He may look like Bo, but he loves veggies, he loves books, he has an amazing imagination and he’s a people person.

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