Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ramblings about food

I’ve typed up oh I’d say 5 different blogs this week and each one just didn’t ‘do it’ for me. Not that this one will either, but I’m posting it anyway.

This week I’ve been busy cooking extra meals to stock our deep freeze. My new goal is to not eat so many boxed dinners and take out. So far so good, even if I am having to do it in shifts since I barely get anything started these days before someone needs my attention.

We have a budget, and one of the things that normally kick our butts is takeout. We are managing to stick to it and only eat out twice a week most of the time; although I’d like to cut it out as much as possible. Not only that but I want to steer clear of the boxed concoctions, do we really know what’s in those things? It isn’t that I hate takeout or prepackaged/boxed dinners it’s just that if I can make it I’m going to make it, because it will be cheaper, better tasting and better for us for the most part.

So yes, my week has really consisted of food. What to make? What to buy? What to stock? What is messing with my daughter (post on that later)? And for the most part I’ve had fun. I mean seriously I get to write up lists of menus, recipes, and inventory to put together my little go to freezer list. When I told Bo my plan to start out with two week meal plan and list, his eyes glazed over. He then explains to me that whenever I say that its time to put together a grocery list, he panics. Because his only ideas on what to make is meat and potatoes. He said he draws a blank and he becomes terrified that he has no input. He gets incredibly shocked when I say the only reason why I ask him at all is to make sure I give him a say in what we eat, I LOVE sitting down to make the grocery list, whether I do it with him or not, is a thrill for me. He knew I loved lists, he just didn’t think I liked making this one since I ask his input every time. I solved his problem by saying if he has something he wants me to make, he needs to tell me, otherwise I’ll handle it all. You would have thought I told him he could play World of Warcraft 24/7, his eyes got teary I swear.

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