Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleep is overrated.

Last week we came to the point of incoherent existence due to our lack of sleep. We were up every hour with Jocelyn, for 30 minutes each time. It takes me awhile to fall asleep, so I wasn’t getting sleep. This went on for three days. Three days of a few minutes here and there of sleep. I’m not sure how I remembered my name. On Thursday I was so exhausted I didn’t feed her any baby food, nursing was even difficult without falling asleep. Friday same thing, Saturday same thing. Then on Saturday she had two ginormous poops. Saturday night she slept. As in SLEPT like a normal baby of 8 months, as in we SLEPT finally. Sunday night we slept again. Hot diggidy dog we have a clue.

I went through my food notes, and noticed that it could be the yogurt I give her every morning with breakfast or it could be the potatoes she gets. I gave her four days of no baby food before restarting, and this time without these foods. I upped the foods that are good with constipation as well as her fluids. And you know what? IT DID NOTHING. Nada. Zilch of an affect on her sleeping, because it was right back to her waking up every hour or two not being able to fall back to sleep unless she nursed. That clue has been shot and buried in the mud.

I’ve come to the conclusion that food is caffeine for her, because it seems that with it she can’t sleep. She’s happy, she plays, she’s perfectly fine, she just can’t sleep. If it was constipation she’d be fussy…. right? I’m trying to slowly wean her just like I did with Bailey, and if this continues I don’t know how that is going to work. Breastfeed only and get sleep? Or wean and get no sleep?

I’m giving it another shot, upping her juice and adding prunes to her diet as well as formula. I’m crossing everything crossable in hopes this works and we get our sleep, Jocelyn gets her tasty food and I get my boobs back.

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