Saturday, October 03, 2009

We will be left behind

Every day Bailey does something that makes us look at each other in surprise and fear. It never fails that he does something that blows us away because, to us, it’s something someone much older would be doing. For instance, he can play the drums on the Xbox like he’s been doing it forever. He remembers the names of songs and the artist without trouble, as well as the beat and tune of the particular song. He’s also reading without much help from us. SCARY.

But there are other more interesting and more frightening then just advanced talent. Like the fact that he can use my iPhone. He can make calls, and even gets the correct number in the listing (ie home phone vs work or cell number). He takes pictures, he searches the net, he’s pretty much figured out every app I have installed. WITHOUT BEING SHOWN HOW.

This morning as I was checking my to-do list, I noticed one more thing that made my jaw drop. I use outlook plus I have my email and calendar on my phone; I’ve noticed some strange reminders but have put off examining them for later. I had a moment so I investigated. This little monkey has created over 6 reminders/tasks on outlook, again, WITHOUT BEING SHOWN HOW. One is even titled “Make Bo’s grocery list”. Yup, caps and comma in correct use. SOB!

This kid has never been in any day care or preschool. We work with him from time to time on things, but most of the stuff he knows or can do, he has figured out himself. My four year old is going to surpass me before he’s 10 I swear it.

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