Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekend madness

Here’s my plan for the weekend:

Learn more HTML so I can build the FREAKING website.

Update and change content on website.

Organize laundry room, measure and map out where new shelves will go.

Make baby food.

Get groceries.

Clip and organize coupons.

Organize menu (for us and Jocelyn) for the next month.

Organize notes on best prices.

Go over budget and make monthly budget plan and holiday plan (ie what gifts, when to purchase, how much to spend, when to be done).

Learn brain surgery.

I have to fit this plus daily house cleaning stuff, among other little odd and end things in two days because its impossible for me to have more than 5 minutes of free downtime throughout the week to do it. Poor Bo has had Jocelyn all morning so I can try to get stuff done, and I haven’t finished anything nor have I started on the above list. I’ve hopped from one to another trying to get a start on as much as I can. Yeah I know that’s a bad way to do it, but that’s me. I’m trying to do 100 things at one time, and in the middle of one thing I’m reminded by something else, I go to get that started, and then it continues. I’m trying desperately to get a handle on this, and make myself finish one task at a time. But when I’m alone with the kids, that doesn’t happen. EVER. Then when Bo is here, I’m trying so hard to do as much as I can, as fast as I can, so he doesn’t end up with them all day without my help. He needs down time too. It’s tough, it’s frustrating and it is getting so on my nerves.

Who says that stay-at-home moms are lazy and have nothing to do.

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