Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not enough of anything

I promised Miss I'd be positive, and I'm going to try but we all know when it comes to myself positive is not the word I'd use.

Yesterday I took the munchkins to my parents house, since I had a hair appointment and desperately needed to clean the house.  I thought I'd get oh so much done without them here.  I have to say, that I went an hour and a half straight of cleaning with maybe 10 mintues of rest time here and there.  Thats awesome if I do say so myself, when normally I get 5 minutes here and there.  I was not tired, I was energized and ready to get to work.  Unlike the rest of the time where I'd rather just crawl back into bed.  With that you'd think wow Nikki I bet your house looks amazing.  I would have to say, nope, you can't even tell I did a thing.

I washed laundry, I put up laundry, I did the dishes, I vacuumed, I cleaned our bedroom, I picked up our bathroom....and you can't really tell I did anything.  That is how messy my house is people.  MESSY.  Bo swears he sees a difference.  I personally think he's lying, just to get laid.  I will say the two rooms you can tell is our bedroom and bathroom.  But the rest is still in shambles.  I got the top off, so to speak, and there are layers and layers beneath that need cleaned too. 

Like I said, I promised Miss I'd be positive.  So hey Miss, I got stuff done yesterday.  Almost everything I had planned to do at that!  I also managed to stay off the couch for an hour and a half.  Ginormous accomplishment for me.   Just ignore the rest of it not making a difference and still being so much left to do, and the fact that let's face it I suck at this whole housecleaning thing.  Your going to kick me I know, but I can only be positive about myself for only a sentence or two.

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-MissC* said...

Then I will be positive for you ass face!
You DROVE. With your kids in the car. TWICE.
I'm like super impressed just with that! BUT THEN....you left the kids for a few hours with someone else and not at your house!
It may seem like baby steps to you but it's progress!
And I am uber proud!