Monday, November 09, 2009

Wake up call

All is better on the sickly front!  Three cheers and a mini tribal!  But still no teeth for little Miss Jocelyn.  SOB.

Since the time change, Joss wakes us up around 6:30.  Now this wouldn't be a problem if you got a good night sleep, but when you just laid her down at 5 after falling asleep sometime around 1am with her next to you and barely sleeping because you don't want to roll over on her, well its TOO DAMN EARLY.  Have I mentioned I am not a morning person? 

Thanks to the teething baby and sickly husband, the house now resembles a Kindergarteners art project.  Splatters and odd objects thrown at random items, dripping in places and hard as a rock in other.  I've learned once again to not complain about the little I get accomplished during the day on my own, because when I don't get to do it it shows.  It also shows just how much Bo helps me around the house, because when he doesn't do his stuff I can't do mine.  So yeah, our house is more of a mess than it was.  Hot damn.

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