Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They breed when you are not looking.

There are things that I swear have to be multiplying while you sleep or are not at home. Like laundry. There are four of us, we change twice a day (sometimes three times for Joss) and still two or three loads a day gets us no where. HOW IN THE HELL?!? Our clothes look ragid, our clothes aren’t the sharpest most sophisticated because we’re always making due with what we have until we have to buy new, and then we buy cheap and on sale. But you would think with the ginormous pile of dirty laundry in our bathroom, we’d have nice clothes SOMEWHERE. Nope, its like the clothes we bought, rubbed enough on the old ones that now they match. Or our new ones found a new home because the old one’s kicked their asses out. Now I’ve found one more thing to add to my list of the secret multiplying clan and that is toys.

Bailey has one of the smaller rooms in the house, this isn’t on purpose but due to the layout and he chose it. His room is always cluttered, always messy and it doesn’t matter how often I go in there and throw away things, it never changes anything. I just spent 40 minutes going through his stuff and threw out a ton, and yup you guessed it, it still looks the same! I found odd and end puzzle pieces that I thought I had thrown all away. I found pieces of mail, spoons, and straws in there! I found so many half this and that’s it was insane. Of course every toy I picked up and asked if he wanted to keep it was a yes even when I know he hasn’t touched it in months if ever. Is someone sneaking in his room at night and returning the items I threw away? Or are they just dumping their crap in his room?  We do not buy him toys all the time, neither does our friends and family yet this kid has toys dripping out of his ears.

I used two bags that had been given to him to ‘store’ smaller toys, as well as organized his pens and markers, legos, cars, etc. I gave up when I looked around and couldn’t tell I’d done anything. But I have a plan oh yes yes I do.  You see those bags?  Those ones I used to 'store' the smaller ones in?  Well they are my test objects, and if I don't see him playing with the things in them, well then I'm going to wave my little wand and poof, those bags will be just a little bit lighter.  Hopefully one day he'll have a room he can play in.  That is if his toys can stop fornicating long enough for me to throw them away.


Dr. T.L. Sanderfer said...

We used to box up some of our kids toys that they were not playing with and put them in the attic. Then every now and then we would box up some more toys and switch them out with the ones in the attic. We found the kids loved seeing their old toys again, and started playing with them all over again.

Nikki said...

We'll be doing this for some of his toys, but the majority of what he has is fast food toys or figurines that he hasn't played with since the day he got them.

Thanks for the tip!!