Saturday, December 05, 2009

#1 rule - be prepared

As a parent, you learn very quickly to have extra diapers, clothes, toys, food, etc anytime you leave your house. You don’t need your whole house crammed into the diaper bag, but enough junk to cover you if you stay somewhere longer than expected. Or you get the fabulous poo bomb. We have been a parent for four years, you’d think we would have known better than to leave our house as unprepared as we did today.

This morning we attended a Christmas party thrown by Bo’s boss. The first screw up of the day was when I realized that although I did pack Jocelyn food for breakfast, I forgot a spoon. Yup. It’s a good thing she could eat the hash browns and biscuit I had instead. After a relatively bad breakfast costing us $20, we took off to do some ‘quick’ shopping for our family photos we’re getting this weekend.

I mentioned this morning we should bring the stroller so we can shop easier, but Bo said no he’d just carry Joss and it would be fine. We’re going for something specific; it won’t take as long as general shopping. Fine.

Except not so fine. Way not fine. There we are in the mall, I am loaded down with coats, clothes, and Jocelyn in high heel boots that I haven’t gotten used to wearing again, while Bo takes Bailey to go pee. I’m sure it was no more than 10 minutes but it felt like hours. I didn’t see a place to sit down, so I just walked the same path about a 100 times. My feet were on fire. I dropped the clothes numerous times, had to rearrange everything and at one point managed to scratch her arm with the hanger of her new dress. By the time they came back I was about to cry. Not only was it a nightmare to find them clothes (I mean how hard can it be to find nice clothes that aren’t too Xmas in a large mall, very hard when everything is scattered like my 4 year old put the stuff on the racks), but then we waited 30 minutes to get help with finding shoes. In the little boys section, the boxes of shoes below the display shoes were not the same shoes. NONE OF THEM. They had Nike and Arizona shoes, but neither of these was on display, not to mention there were about 20 shoes on display and only two shoes styles could be found in the shelves. Yeah pretty pathetic if you ask me. Bo took the shoe we chose, had to wait in line then had to wait while a salesperson went to the back of the store to retrieve the shoe. Bailey was comatose in the floor. Jocelyn was sucking her thumb and rocking herself while mumbling. I, having found a lovely place to sit, was surrounded on all sides by the clothes we’d found, children and holiday shoppers. When he returned from his three day journey for shoes, I informed him that I was done, screw getting nice clothes for us to wear we can do our part of the photos another day.

To keep the hysterics from pouring out of my mouth we stopped at our favorite frozen yogurt place on the way home.

Have I mentioned I hate shopping? It’s days like these that make me wish I could buy everything online. Holiday shopping sucks. I’m so thankful that I’ve already bought the biggest gifts so far and all that’s left is stocking stuffers. This stupid madness of last minute shopping is HELL.

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