Friday, December 04, 2009

It's like a vacation...kinda

Sunday we moved Jocelyn into her room. Can I get a hot damn? And she sleeps! Can I get another hot damn? When I say sleep I mean slept and only woke up one time. I woke up Monday and was like holy crap nuggets what just happened. I slept and it was AWESOME. Now it’s Friday and she’s been waking up once a night, and sleeping in well past 8. Talk about HEAVEN. WE ARE SLEEPING PEOPLE. Ahhhhh.

But with this lovely accomplishment comes frustration. Since she sleeps so late in the mornings, her naptimes have moved, and this is throwing her off kilter so badly that naptimes have become the hell we were expecting for bedtime. WHAT THE CRAP!?! I keep telling myself, hey I am getting sleep at night so ignore the fact that she’s so very cranky and not wanting to sleep and you can barely pee let alone try to cook dinner. Eventually this will pass. Right?

We love having our room relatively back to our room. She’s still dressed, changed and bathed in our room/bathroom. But that’s the only items of hers left. Yes its coming, you knew it would, I miss it. I miss having her near me so much. I miss the times we cuddled in bed. I MISS MY BABY. Even with getting sleep, and being so happy that if I want to sleep naked I can, I want my baby back.

My body is still trying to get acclimated to getting sleep again. I have tons of energy in the morning and then around early afternoon (uh like now) it starts to drain and drain fast. It sucks eggs. I’m used to having low to zero energy level, but when I get it I’m so happy I don’t know what to do first. By the time I get my roll going, down it comes around me and I’m left fighting to stay awake on the couch. Sucks rotten smelly eggs folks.

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