Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the chaos begins

Tomorrow starts day one of the holiday chaos.  We have three whole days of Christmas this years.  One house per day.  I love the holdays, the family, the stories, and the food can't forget that.  But I hate the driving.  I hate the rush of trying to get to the house on time.  The rush of finishing up wrapping and prepping for whatever dish I'm bringing.  Ugh its a nightmare sometimes.  And this year with three days of it, I'm not sure if thats going to be a blessing or not.  Normally its three houses in one or two days.  And that is hell.

I wish you all luck and safe travel for your holiday.  And may we all make it through the family squabbles, boredom and food coma in one peace. 

1 comment:

-MissC* said...

You have all of my sympathy and none of my envy!
MWAH you schmecksay thang!