Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow storm a coming

It’s Christmas Eve, the munchkins are tucked into bed, but one is still not dreaming of sugar plums. Bailey does not want to sleep. For the first time in his little life, he’s finally on board the Santa train, he is far to excited about tomorrow to even think of sleep. And for the next few years we’ll let the Santa charade go on before we fill him on what Christmas is really about. You know like giving thanks, and celebrating life, the original meanings behind the holiday. Although I love that jolly old man, my heart is with the original celebrations of people gathered around lighting candles to put on the tree, the ones who believed the mistletoe was magical and brought fertility to those who shared a kiss beneath. To the original folks who celebrated during this time of year all those centuries ago. To all the traditions that have been replaced and forgotten.

But I digress. It’s snowing outside. Not only is it snowing its like freaking snowing out there. We’re under a winter storm advisory, and blizzard warning in some areas. The temperature is at º21F out there and expected to get in the low teens. Tomorrow we’re supposed to be bundling up, jumping in the truck and heading to see family an hour away. Whether we do or not, is up in the air with all that snow.

Tomorrow is Jocelyn’s first Christmas. It’s awesome and sad all at the same time. And exactly one month from today that beautiful little girl turns 1. Insane.

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