Monday, December 28, 2009

It's coming I can feeeel it

My new laptop has been shipped and should be here by Wednesday. I’m ecstatic to have a laptop that works. Do you hear that old laptop? A LAPTOP THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. I’m so tired of everything freezing up if I have more than three items open. I’m tired of not being able to listen to my music. I want and need to work on both websites and can’t because this laptop can’t handle having the programs open. I can talk to Miss all day, which I LOVE, but that’s pretty much it most of the time. Yahoo messenger works, but little else for very long.

Have I mentioned that this laptop starting putting itself in standby mode a few days ago, when neither Bo nor I had set the settings to do so? I was in the middle of checking my email when it decides it needs a nap. WTF. I checked the settings and they hadn’t changed, so what happened, I have no clue.

I plan on having a photo shoot for the new laptop, in all its purple glory.

1 comment:

-MissC* said...

~Does the new laptop jig~
Which is quite similar to the naked rain dance...only better music.
I am SO SO SO SO SO Excited!!!
Perfect for our V-Blogging too!
~Shakes Booty~ It's part of the dance!
But you know Nik...once the laptop gets here you will have no more excuses!