Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mad season

Three days of Christmas was well insane. Christmas day we decided to stay home and not test the roads that according to the news and websites were extremely slick and dangerous, driving was highly discouraged. Bo’s brother decided that he knew better than the State Highway Patrol and drove anyway. Thanking the angels that both he and our nephew are safe, but I would love to smack that man upside the head for doing something so reckless. But whatever.

Our Christmas at home was awesome. We hung the stockings on the kids in the night, stuffed with gifts, which both loved I might say. Bailey came running into our room and hopped into bed next to me to tell me of all the big presents Santa had left and how he had an electric toothbrush in his stocking. We let him open up his gifts before she woke up. He was so precise on opening them, and I’m pretty sure I know why. He has this thing about change of anything, he doesn’t like throwing things away because he’s used to that item and its package. I’m almost positive in his little mind he thought he’d get to keep that paper and he didn’t want it in shreds. How could he keep track of it all if there were 100’s of them? We helped Jocelyn open hers, and Bailey was right there helping her try out each and every one saying “Joss look at this, isn’t this cool?”. He ended up playing with her stuff more than she did. She, being a typical baby, went for the boxes instead.
After presents, we had breakfast, and then we all went outside to play in the snow. For Bailey’s 3rd b-day we bought him a Power Wheels truck, and it’s perfect for snow. He drove like a little pro out there though all the snow, chasing after the dogs. Frost, our polar bear puppy (half Great Pyrenees half Anatolian Shepherd), at first was afraid then he began trying to herd it. He followed Bo and Bailey all over the back yard, stopping whenever they did. I have to say it was a lot of fun, yes Miss I did go outside in my backyard, insane huh. It was butt ass cold though, by the time we came in our faces were red, our hands numb and our pants wet from all the snow.

Christmas Eve was my parents, yesterday we were at Bo’s dad’s house, and today we had Bo’s mom over for a makeup Christmas party. I made chili, we opened presents and had fun. All in all, it was an awesome Christmas.

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