Friday, December 18, 2009

Out with the old

Today, as long as nothing else comes up and stops him, Bo will be ordering my new laptop!  I am beyond excited about this and am very happy and satisfied to say that I am accepting this as my Christmas and birthday gift this year, and even Mothers day and 10 year anniversary.  I'm not stingy, I'm easy to please. 

You know the movie I Robot, where all the old robots go when people get the upgrade?  Thats like too much for what my laptop needs.  You see, it sucks.  Most camera's have more memory than this thing.  Not only that but, once Bo sent me the message saying it was about to die, it has given up.  Every day it freezes up over the simplest of tasks.  If I have too many things open its like, nope I can't do it I just can't do it Captain.  If I have iTunes on, you better forget about doing anything but listen to the music, everything else will go at a snails pace if it works at all.  The one thing I can count on to work is Yahoo Messenger, so I can talk to Miss, more than I can check my email or research.  The messed up part about that, is that messenger always malfunctions on shut down, it freezes up and I have to go through so many popups of Yahoo Messenger is not responding, end task now crap and all sorts of love notes that make you want to gag before the thing can shut off.  It is the one thing I always have issues with, daily and yet it's the one thing that works when everything else malfunctions.  That math does not add up in my book.  Then the speaker has sucked for well since we got it, so that the music goes in and out.  Plus sometimes the slightest movement causes it to go into this paralized coma state, the screen turns grey, all the lights will be on, the music will still be going in and out like someone is randomly hitting the mute button, but you can't do anything.  Except turn it off and then back on.

Oh no, what my laptop needs is a nice little bonfire and to send it off into laptop heaven in style.  I feel for it though, its been there for me through a lot, but damned if it hasn't put up a fight since day one.  Now it feels sad and forlorn, I know that feeling, and its giving up at such a fast rate that I'm thinkin next Tuesday it will say goodbye.

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