Friday, December 18, 2009

Yup it's that bad

I've mentioned before that I'm mouthy and perverted, but I try very hard not to let my mouth take over and start plopping down dirty thoughts left and right.  I do try to be circumspect from time to time, crazy huh.  Not because I'm trying to be fake, because I HATE that in people, but because sometimes its only appropriate for certain situations depending on who you are with.

With Miss, well I can be as dirty and mouthy as I wish and she loves me for it. As you can see here and here I can be pretty bad and these are sooo tame compared to what we normally do in our conversations.  I find that with her, and very few others, I can just be me and not hold back. It's very refreshing to have a friend I can do this with, who still loves me and who gets me. 

P.S. I still see it Miss, don't know how they dont!

But it does irk me to read my blog and then read my conversations with Miss, its like two seperate people sometimes.  I don't want to be fake or labeled fake or anything of the sort.  But I do see a difference and I do see that sometimes it won't be so bad if I did just let loose and be me occasonally on here.  It is after all my blog.  Besides it can't be all about the kids and my mental issues, that gets way boring even to me after so long.

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