Thursday, January 14, 2010

The coming celebration

In just a few days my baby girl will be one.  Its so hard to say that, because the older she gets the more sad I get.  Not only because babies are so damn cute, but because she’s my last.  When are they going to invent a freeze button?  So we can pause this time as often and as long as we want. 

What do you do for a first birthday, is a question on many first time parents mind.  Do we have the party for us or for them?  Do we do things baby-ish or big kid-ish?  Do we have food or just cake?  On and on it goes, or at least for me it does.  I wonder if we should have snacks and games and invite more than just our parents.  Bo of course puts me at ease and says nope just cake and just parents.  He knows me.  He knows that if I go that crazy with it I’d have an anxiety attack.  Too many people in the house makes me way uncomfortable.  Plus trying to make food for everyone, adds on lots of stress and it wouldn’t equal a very happy party for our little girl.  I do envy those parents who throw huge parties and pull it off, doing it all on their own.  Can you teach me how? PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP?

The outfit is ordered, the presents are bought, now all that’s left are the cakes, balloons and wrapping her gifts.  Let’s hope its nice and pretty on her birthday and not butt ass cold with snow and ice.

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