Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HIGHlarious tale for the day

If you read my post yesterday then you probably can guess what this one is about too.  I decided to give my step aerobic tape a second try….only 3 years later shut your trap.  I forgot the hell that that tape is.  I forgot how hard it is and how fast pace it is.  Needless to say I forgot the entire insane ride that it is.

I lasted two minutes, maybe three.  I really didn’t time it but I barely made it into the workout before my arms and legs tried to fly away from my body in four different directions.  Lift your arms when you step up with your right leg, lower them when you step down with your left.  Now lets do that to the side.  Add leg lifts, add a jump, swing your arms as you step up with your left foot now.  I tried the warm up and this was so fast pace that I was behind within a few steps.  The freak of nature instructor was like “See this is so easy! Let’s shake things up” every three seconds, by the time I thought I was semi doing one move right she shook it up and I almost lost my balance.  Bailey was working out with me, using his step stool.  I came within inches of smacking him once, and a few seconds later tripped off the step and almost fell into him.  He was basically jumping up and down on it, saying “Mama this is hard”.  No shit my son. 

So no did not do this workout.  They made it look so easy, why can’t I get my short self coordinated to do it too?  I will try again, wrapping Bailey in pillows so one of my flying limbs doesn’t knock him out. 


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