Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The nonsense that fills my head...

I sadly haven’t had much of a chance to wiki odd stuff lately. But here’s my latest research.

Socks!! Socks are something most of us put on daily and I bet you have never really thought about where these little gems come from. Not from a store, I mean where they started from. Would you believe animal skins?

The earliest models of socks were animal skins tied around the ankles. That gives a whole new meaning to stinky feet. In the 8th century, BC Greeks wore socks made of matted animal hair. MMMM that smell indeed. The Romans used leather or woven fabrics for theirs. They were called ‘puttee's’, worn by holy people to resemble purity, in Europe during the 5th century. By 1000 AD they became the symbol of wealth. Can you imagine!? Only the rich and famous were able to have socks. Screw that, my cold tootsies need socks rich or not those suckers are MINE.

Back then there wasn’t many options. I’ll take wool over matted animal hair and animal skin for $400 Alex. Now we can pretty much get them in any color, and design and length we want. Including those above, the famous toe socks. Now I have this thing, I HATE having my feet messed with and shoes are not one of my best friends. My feet have claustrophobia, yes its true. I think the toe socks are so cute, my niece is a huge fan of them, but I have not tried them. I think my feet would attack me and beat me senseless if I tried to put them on.

Next time you put your socks on or get a whiff of stinky feet, just remember it could be worse.

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