Thursday, January 14, 2010

This and that about the short story

First of all, so sorry I took so long getting it all published.  Truth be told I forgot about it.  I had planned on posting a part every day, and well I got distracted and such and obviously it didn’t happen.  Oops.

If you’ve read the short story and are confused why I call it dark and twisted, well its because normally I write about romance.  Something sun shinny and sparkly, with hearts.  I’m not much on writing about death or revenge.  So this, for me is dark and twisted.  When Bo first read it he was surprised at how dark it was.  Which made me wonder just what I wrote because one of my rules is to not reread my work.  Yeah stupid I know, but I will revise and edit that thing until its insect poop.  I read it back and was perplexed myself at how messed up it was compared to what I normally write.  But it works for how my mind was at that time.  It was all dark and gloom, and so that’s what came out.  Ta da.

I admit going over this story and figuring out how to cut it to publish, has made me want to try writing again.  Who knows, I may write and publish more.  Miss, do not get too excited, this is a HUGE MAYBE.

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