Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exhausted ramblings

My day started this morning much earlier than I had wanted, but Bo frisked me while I was pouring my coffee and it made things a little better.  I say little because you do not mess with me before I have had my coffee.  Ogre is my morning persona.  So I was somewhat ooh he’s being naughty and at the same time I was thinking son of a bitch back off I have not had a sip yet.

Once the coffee had passed my lips and entered into the tummy area, I was all giddy and giggly with the morning fondle and wishing we’d had time for more.  But alas he was running late and Jocelyn woke up minutes before he walked out the door.  And that’s when my day really took off.  Because some numb nuts has told my baby girl that naptimes are so lame.  All you mom’s out there understand how fun this madness can be.

Ten is when I put her down for her first nap, I get her cuddled in her blanket, nurse her for a few minutes and plop her in her crib.  Thus preceded 15 minutes of quiet and then all hell broke lose.  First it was jabbering, then playing then it was MAMA GET ME RIGHT NOW DAMNIT.  I got her up, rocked her some more and back down in 5 minutes.  Again a few minutes of silence then the cycle starts again.  I won’t bore you and repeat myself oh 20 times, this went on until three this after noon.  Yeah that’s right, 5 hours of trying to get her to fall asleep.

I even took her out of her room, fed her until I’m surprised she didn’t pop, played with her, rocked her, and still it took her that long to finally go to sleep.  All hope for finishing the G-rated grope from this morning, is dwindling the later it gets.  I have things to do that I couldn’t today, a shower to take and some well needed quiet time. 

Jocelyn, Mama is very disappointed in your behavior today.  If you keep this up, I’m taking the boobs away. 


Brenda said...

Am hearing you Nikki. Kids are natural born torturers. Why can't they just sleep like a normal person?; )

Nikki said...

Ugh because they know how much it ticks us off, LOL. :)