Monday, January 25, 2010

Weight loss check in…

Not a good report, gained two pounds.  I didn’t go over my daily points but twice, and only by 2 points each time, which left me a ton of weekly points left.  It wasn’t a bad week, yet somehow I gained two pounds.  Damnit three times.

The only explanation that might be the reason is that I’m now down to one feeding a day.  Breastfeeding means you need to eat a little extra to keep your milk supply up and packed full of all the nutrients the baby needs.  I changed my profile to not nursing since she’s not really getting much from me anyway.  That took away 5 points!  If you’ve ever looked at the Weight Watcher system or have followed it, you know how HUGE 5 points can be.  I went from 28 points to now 23.  To give those of you who aren’t familiar with the system an idea on how much this is, here’s what I’ve had so far today.  Breakfast was 3/4 cup Cheerios crunch with 1/2 cup whole milk= 4 points, 2 cups of coffee with 3tbs of creamer = 2.5 points, and I’m drinking 16oz of sweet tea as we speak = 3.5 points.  Added together thats a total of 10 points, leaving me with only 13 points left for lunch and dinner.  Can we say shit? 

I will have to up my activity, do my workouts if I want to eat.  But at least I can eat, I don’t have to stop having what I love, just limit it.  Which is doable, I’ve already done it once, and it was easy so I know I can do it again.

Oh and Bo has now lost a total of 7 pounds.  Bah humbug…….

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