Monday, January 25, 2010

A day in my shoes

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before that I am a klutz.  Well now you know, Nikki here is a klutz and is damn good at it.  So good that most people rarely ask me to carry items for them.  Because they know I will either knock something off into the floor with it, trip and drop it or severely hurt myself or all of the above.  Just imagine all the eets and ooooohs that happen when these people watch me carry my children.  But you should be happy to know I have not dropped them, I have tripped and whacked their little noggins into doors, walls and cabinets, but not dropped them. 

Saturday I had a massive klutz moment, one I also had just a few months ago.  I was digging around in my cabinet for spices, by digging I mean searching through the 100 little bottles that take up an entire cabinet.  There were spices below me on the counter, one hand was holding four or so, while the other was picking up and moving others around.  Here is when it happened, I stand up on my tip toes, bring my elbow down and felt something connect with it.  I say oops mere seconds before I hear a shatter.  I know that sound, I’ve heard it before.  That would be the glass bottle I store my Olive Oil in.  And yes last time was pretty much the same story.

That beautiful glass bottle splattered, along with all the Olive Oil that had been in it, all over the floor in a shiny green oil painting.  I didn’t look at it for the longest time, I admit, I hoped that if I didn’t look I would be wrong.  But nope, I have broken the second pretty glass bottle.

I told Bo since he had duty of cleaning it up while I kept the munchkins out of the mess, that I think I need to copy Guy Fieri and buy those clear plastic squeeze bottles to store it in. Bo’s response?  “Thank God”.

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